A letter to our guests regarding the Sylvan Lake Lodge fire. 

State Game Lodge Event Barn

With a seated capacity in long tables of 230, this Barn pefects "rustic chic" with sliding barn doors, an outdoor fireplace, and cross-back chairs. Book it with our Grace Coolidge Creekside Cermony Lawn or the historic State Game Lodge Front Lawn, both just steps away. 


  • Seated Capacity of up to 230
  • Cross-Back Event Chairs included with your rental
  • Built-in State-of-the-Art A/V System with an electric ceiling-mounted screen; HDMI ceiling-mounted Projector; and (2) Wireless Handheld Mics
  • Fully Climate-Controlled
  • Chandelliers, Dimmable Wall Sconces
  • Natural Landscaping in a Beautiful Park Setting
  • On-site Parking, Accommodations, Catering & Creekside Ceremony Lawn
  • Private Modern Washrooms
  • Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace
  • Propane Patio Heaters
  • Included Patio Furniture: Bar-Height Whiskey Barrell Table & Chairs with Concrete Tops
  • Included Indoor Accent Tables: Bar-Height Whiskey Barrell Table & Chairs with Wood Tops
  • Two (2) 8-foot Farmhouse Tables included with your rental
  • Banquet Long Tables with White or Ivory Linen included with your rental
  • Renovated with original wood decor from the State Game Lodge & the Legion Lake Fire

So new, photos are limited. Inquire for updated details! (605) 255-4672 or contact us via email

Sample Diagrams

Due to the large structural pillars and the gabled roof, the Event Barn lends itself elegantly toward a dinner setup using long tables. The pillars create essentially three "columns" of functional space; the columns on the left and the right side each have low ceilings with fans; and the center column has the vaulted ceiling with chandelliers.

We utilize a combination of 8-foot and 6-foot banquet tables to create longer 14-foot tables, with an optimal number of (7) seats (very maximum of 8) seats on each side of the table. 

Overflow seating to the center column is only recommended if attendance numbers require it; otherwise, the space is left open for just the head table and the buffet. Then, that center aisle transitions to a fantastic dance floor once dinner is through.

Sample Setups

60-160 Guests

The below diagram shows a standard setup as described above. The brown circles are our Whiskey Barrel pub tables (bar height) and the brown rectangle tables are our two (2) 8-foot farmhouse tables that fit nicely in the entrance nooks for your cake and displays. 

  • Minimum (recommended) 60 guests
  • Maximum (recommended) 140 (optimal) to 160 (max) guests. 

141-230 Guests

For additional seating, we start seating the center "column" with guests, instead of just the head table. 

  • Maximum as shown: 188
  • Maximum as shown, but also with adding in an extra chair at the 'crack' where tables meet: 216
  • If the whiskey barrel sweetheart table is omitted, an additional (8') long table can fit, offering up to 18 more seats

72" Rounds of 10 (40-100 Guests)

  • Maximum as shown: 100 guests
  • Maximum with NO head table: 120 guests

Ceremony and Reception in the Barn

We often get requests to have both the ceremony and reception in the Barn. It requires a little extra coordination, so plan for a "Patio Cocktail Hour" in between your ceremony and reception. 

  • Minimum: None
  • Maximum: 160 
  • NOTE: A smaller Head Table may still be planned, but it will have to be placed in the front corner of the room during the ceremony. IMPORTANT: All table décor must be minimal as you will have to have it decorated before the ceremony, and it will get set in place directly after by the State Game Lodge staff.

Theater Style with a Screen

Primarily popular for meetings, a max of 164 can be seated (X-Back Chairs) with unobstructed views of the ceiling-mounted screen.

Head Table Options

Whiskey Barrel Sweetheart + King's Table 

Two (2) Farmhouse Tables are included with your rental; use them to make an impressive head table! Max: 10 + Bride and Groom


Whiskey Barrel Sweetheart + Farmhouse Table V

While the farmhouse tables are too long to sit in a straight horizontal line from a whiskey barrel sweetheart table; they make an impressive statement as a "V". Max: 16 + Bride and Groom. (Note: This head table setup only fits with a max capacity of approximately 160 guests.)


Whiskey Barrel Sweetheart + 6-Foot Banquet Tables

Stay cozy with a smaller bridal party. This setup fits expertly between the pillars, and works great for smaller bridal parties.