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Wildlife Loop Road

Buffalo on the road

Home on the Plains

Wildlife Loop Road travels through 18 miles of open grasslands and pine-speckled hills that much of the park’s wildlife calls home. Depending on the day, you might see bison, pronghorn, whitetail and mule deer, elk, coyotes, burros, prairie dogs, eagles, hawks, and a variety of other birds rarely found together in one location. A medley of colorful wildflowers and prairie grasses surround the road, making for a picturesque drive; and the landscape changes throughout your trip, keeping you on your toes.

See it on the map

Where is the best place to stay?

Both the State Game Lodge and Blue Bell Lodge are within 1-mile of opposite entrances to the Wildlife Loop Road.

Take it easy

Winding drives throughout the park are enjoyed at a slower pace. For your safety and the safety of the animals, please allow ample time to travel at a safe speed—generally 25 miles per hour or slower. When making plans, expect a travel time of anywhere between one and two hours to complete the loop.

Guided tours

If you prefer a guided open-air tour, our Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour is our most-popular activity in the Park, and Blue Bell's nightly Hayride & Chuckwagon Cookout will take you on a partial tour of the loop for some incredible wildlife sightings, as well.

You can also stop for information at the Visitor Center, about 1/2 mile from the State Game Lodge.