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Buffalo Roundup

Buffalo Roundup

It’s Roundup time in Custer

Feel the earth tremble as the hooves of more than 1,300 American buffalo pound through the valley. At the annual Buffalo Roundup, herdsmen on horseback spur them over the ridge, down the hill and into corrals for sorting.

The entire Custer State herd passes by only a few hundred feet from your seat. After they are safely in the corrals, you can watch as the herd is sorted, branded, tested, and treated.

What is a Roundup?

Custer State Park is home to one of the largest American bison herds in the world. The annual roundup keeps the population in balance with the available land and resources. Most return right back to their home, the grasslands of Custer State Park.

The event is open to the public and attracts more than 14,000 people each year. And, in 2015, it was designated The Top Event in North America by the American Bus Association. Plan your trip at the Custer State Park Resort to coincide with this one-of-a-kind event.

Download the Buffalo Roundup Brochure and the Arts Festival Schedule here!

Explore the Custer State Park site for further information!

Upcoming Roundup Dates

Friday, September 29, 2023

Find a room for the Roundup

Come for the Roundup, Stay for the Arts Festival

The annual Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival is held the same weekend from Thursday to Saturday on the grounds of the State Game Lodge. Many events accompany the festival, but food, entertainment, and art booths top the list. Hours of the festival are as follows:
Thursday:  10am - 6pm
Friday:       10am - 7pm
Saturday:    9am - 4pm

Calling all artists...

We love showcasing local artists' work at the Arts Festival. Vendors, please download the application to have a booth. Questions may go to: We hope to see you there.