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Fun Facts

Night at the Needles in Custer State Park

Did you know?

The Game Lodge actually has 13 different levels to it from the basement up and an (inaccessible) tunnel underground.

The Coolidge Store was built for President Coolidge by Minnesota shipbuilders to house White House staff. The roof looks just like the inside of a hull!

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Two out of our four lodges were lost to fires not long after they were built—and had to be rebuilt: Sylvan Lake Lodge and the State Game Lodge.

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White House Staff stocked the creek with fish every morning for President Coolidge during his summer-long stay in 1927.

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Grace Coolidge had a pet raccoon while she stayed at the Game Lodge. Visit the Historical level to see a snapshot of her and the critter.

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The White House Dining Room was added on specifically for President Coolidge's 1927 summer-long stay.

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Custer State Park can be found in two feature films: National Treasure II (Sylvan Lake) and How the West Was Won (parts were filmed around the Wildlife Loop).

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Custer State Park has been featured in full-length episodes multiple television shows:

  • ABC's Born to Explore
  • The Motorhead Traveler
  • Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

The park has also been featured in various magazines:

  • National Geographic
  • Midwest Living
  • American Cowboy Magazine
  • And more!

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