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The Game Lodge actually has 13 different levels to it from the basement up and an (inaccessible) tunnel underground.

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The Coolidge Store was built for President Coolidge by Minnesota shipbuilders to house White House staff. The roof looks just like the inside of a hull!

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Two out of our four lodges were lost to fires not long after they were built—and had to be rebuilt: Sylvan Lake Lodge and the State Game Lodge.

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White House Staff stocked the creek with fish every morning for President Coolidge during his summer-long stay in 1927.

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Grace Coolidge had a pet raccoon while she stayed at the Game Lodge. Visit the Historical level to see a snapshot of her and the critter.

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The White House Dining Room was added on specifically for President Coolidge's 1927 summer-long stay.

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Custer State Park can be found in two feature films: National Treasure II (Sylvan Lake) and How the West Was Won (parts were filmed around the Wildlife Loop).

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Custer State Park has been featured in full-length episodes of ABC's Born to Explore, The Motorhead Traveler, and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom; and has had feature articles in National Geographic, Midwest Living, and American Cowboy Magazine, to name a few.